Idavoll 0.9.1

What is this?

Idavoll is a Jabber publish-subscribe service component, as defined in JEP-0060, aiming to be fully compliant and mostly complete. The goal is to build a generic pubsub service, but of which parts can be reused for building custom pubsub services for specific applications.

Current Status

There are two different backends: one using PostgreSQL for storage, and one just keeping everything in memory.

In Idavoll the mimimal requirements of JEP-0060 version 1.11 are implemented plus a number of optional features, as returned by Service Discovery.


Instructions for installing, configuring and running this software are in INSTALL. Also refer to UPGRADING for instruction on upgrading from older versions of Idavoll.


Questions, comments or suggestions are welcome! There is a mailing list for Jabber related Twisted development at The list's info page lives here:

Ralph Meijer <>