Ralph Meijer  committed 28e7ea5

Make sure 'twisted' doesn't appear in the egg-info top_level.txt file.

Wokkel provides a plugin for twistd. As with all twisted plugins, these
need to be placed in a directory twisted/plugins so that the plugin mechanism
can find them. This is not a real package, and when building eggs the
directory must appear in the egg. However, 'twisted' should not occur in the
top_level.txt file as this causes warnings when importing twisted, and
triggers a bug in pip that removes all of twisted when a package with a
twisted plugin is removed.

This change overrides the way the top_level.txt file is written, by explicitly
excluding 'twisted'.

Author: ralphm.
Fixes: #76.

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 from setuptools import setup
+# Make sure 'twisted' doesn't appear in top_level.txt
+    from setuptools.command import egg_info
+    egg_info.write_toplevel_names
+except (ImportError, AttributeError):
+    pass
+    def _top_level_package(name):
+        return name.split('.', 1)[0]
+    def _hacked_write_toplevel_names(cmd, basename, filename):
+        pkgs = dict.fromkeys(
+            [_top_level_package(k)
+                for k in cmd.distribution.iter_distribution_names()
+                if _top_level_package(k) != "twisted"
+            ]
+        )
+        cmd.write_file("top-level names", filename, '\n'.join(pkgs) + '\n')
+    egg_info.write_toplevel_names = _hacked_write_toplevel_names
       description='Twisted Jabber support library',