Kenneth Love avatar Kenneth Love committed c19ba2a

now navigates comments as well, providing a simple highlight

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forrst fire.safariextension/Info.plist

-	<string>1.2.2</string>
+	<string>1.3</string>
-	<string>1.2.2</string>
+	<string>1.3</string>

forrst fire.safariextension/fire.js

         reevaluate: true,
         circular: false
+    $('.comment').jknav(highlight_comment, 'default');
+function highlight_comment(item) {
+    var $item = $(item);
+    $('.comment').css({
+        background: 'transparent',
+        padding: 0
+    }).find('.body').css('width', 601);
+    $item.css({
+        background: 'url( repeat-y 0% 0%',
+        padding: 10
+    }).find('.body').css('width', 581);
 function add_new_content() {
     window.setTimeout(add_new_content, 1000);

Binary file modified.

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