Unifi Telegram Bridge

I missed a way to push events from the UniFi Controller to our Telegram group. Waiting for a mail to be delivered is not really realtime. So, with this you get an SMTP Server which will forward any mail (which matches some patterns) to a Telegram group defined in config.js


Working with Controller version 5.7.23


  • config.js.sample
    • Edit with your token, groupId and rename to config.js
  • package.json
    • Install the libs with npm install
  • server.js
    • start with node server.js

Setup UniFi Controller

Go to Settings -> Controller -> MAIL SERVER

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 2525
  • No SSL, no authentication
  • Set any sender address

If you have the server up and running, you can send a Test Email and should see a confirmation in the group.

How to have it run at boot?

Get pm2. Simply great.

Then start with:

  • pm2 start --name telegram-bridge server.js

Save the startup config with

  • pm2 startup
  • pm2 save