jtartQage, a start page in jQuery


  • Control your privacy.
  • Static start page, no PHP, etc.


  • Copy everything where you want.
  • (optional) Change path to jQuery, if you want use a CDN, check CDN Hosted jQuery on
  • Copy bookmarks.xml.example to bookmarks.xml and hack it.
  • Serve it through a web server, you can't use files without serving them due to the same origin policy.
    You can run python util/ and use localhost:12345 to test.
  • Create a js/analytics.js if you use Piwik or Google Analytics, it will be called in index.html.


In configuration :

  • jQueryEffect : tabs or accordion
  • switchEvent : event to switch :¬†mouseover, click or click hoverintent
  • urlWithoutWWW : do not display 'www.'
  • faviconShow : show favicon or not
  • faviconDefaultHeight : set a favicon height
  • faviconDefaultWidth : set a favicon width

<group name="name of the group displayed in tabs"> <bookmark t="title" f="favicon.ico">url</bookmark> </group>

  • title : title displayed. If not, url is displayed.
  • favicon : if not, try to display url/favicon.ico. If alpha.ico, use the included favicon/alpha.ico which is transparent.
  • url : the bookmark url.


  • HTTP address must be escape or the XML will be not parsed.
    Bad :
    Good :;option2=2
  • Use f="alpha.ico" in links with authentification.
    It will use favicon/alpha.ico, instead of retrieving a favicon which need authentification and risk blacklisting.