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Amaury Forgeot d'Arc  committed 8560e39

Try to remove thousands of warnings saying "prebuilt instance <pypy.interpreter.gateway.BuiltinCode1> has no attribute 'co_filename'

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File pypy/module/imp/importing.py

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         if space.config.objspace.usepycfiles and write_pyc:
             write_compiled_module(space, code_w, cpathname, mode, mtime)
-    update_code_filenames(space, code_w, pathname, code_w.co_filename)
+    update_code_filenames(space, code_w, pathname)
     exec_code_module(space, w_mod, code_w)
     return w_mod
-def update_code_filenames(space, code_w, pathname, oldname):
+def update_code_filenames(space, code_w, pathname, oldname=None):
     assert isinstance(code_w, PyCode)
-    if code_w.co_filename != oldname:
+    if oldname is None:
+        oldname = code_w.co_filename
+    elif code_w.co_filename != oldname:
     code_w.co_filename = pathname