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Merge SQLSRV num_rows function hack. Waiting for Microsoft to return true value until then...

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 			$this->CACHE->write($sql, $CR);
+		else
+		{
+			// Lets check to see if the sqlsrv driver is in use. 
+			SWITCH ($this->dbdriver) {
+				CASE "sqlsrv":
+					// The sqlsrv driver is in use, so lets do a little hacking.
+					// Lets set the result array, and then count the size of it
+					// Now set $RES->num_rows to the count
+					// Empty the result_array [array] for good measure. 
+					$RES->num_rows			=	sizeof($RES->result_array());
+					$this->result_array 	=	array();
+				BREAK; 
+			}
+		}
 		return $RES;
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