Version 0.2

Requires requests

findmyi is an simple python library to search your iOS device over iClouds Find my iPhone Service.


  • Get current Device Location
  • Support for Sending Messages
  • Support for remote locking your device
  • Remote delete your device

Simple Usage

this is just a basic example:

from findmyi import FMI

finder = FMI( "", "PASSWORD" )

for deviceNum in range(len(finder.devices)):
    print finder.devices[deviceNum]

now you can call the list of devices by useing finder.devices

each device gives you an dictonary with some basic informations and /if supportet/ an latitude/longitude fiedl like this


    'displayName': u'iPad',
    'name': u'Huntsman',
    'battery': 0.0,
    'model': u'ThirdGen-white',
    'id': u'DEVICEIDGOESHERe',
    'latitude': 52.1348086086,
    'longitude': 6.20540518,
    'accuracy': 100.0,
    'positionType': u'Wifi',
    'updateTime': 1375958135394

updating the device list


update just the location of a device

If you just want to monitor the location of one single device without haveing to update all others the whole time you can use the locate function.

finder.locate( deviceNum )

this returns a location dictonary for the selected device

Sending a Message

Sending Messages is really easy. Use the deviceNum from your finder.devices list above.

finder.sendMessage( deviceNum, "TITLE", "MESSAGE", sound=True )

Lock your Device

just use the deviceNum and any 4 digit code which must be entered to unlock the device.

finder.lockDevice( deviceNum, UNLOCKCODE )

Remote Delete your Device

Caution Use with care, this whipes your device completely and unreversable.

finder.whipeDevice( deviceNum )