ZSSN (Zombie Survival Social Network)

The world as we know it has fallen into an apocalyptic scenario. A laboratory-made virus is transforming human beings and animals into zombies, hungry for fresh flesh.

You, as a zombie resistance member (and the last survivor who knows how to code), was designated to develop a system to share resources between non-infected humans.


It is a REST API, which will store information about the survivors, as well as the resources they own.


  • Survivor
  • A survivor have a name, age, gender and last location (latitude, longitude).
  • A survivor also has an inventory of resources of their own property (which you need to declare when upon the registration of the survivor).
  • Location
  • A survivor have the ability to update their last location, storing the new latitude/longitude pair in the base.
  • Flag survivor as infected
  • In a chaotic situation like that, it's inevitable that a survivor may get contaminated by the virus. When this happens, we need to flag the survivor as infected.
  • An infected survivor cannot trade with others, can't access/manipulate their inventory, nor be listed in the reports (infected people are kinda dead anyway, see the item on reports below).
  • A survivor is marked as infected when at least three other survivors report their contamination.
  • When a survivor is infected, their inventory items become inaccessible (they cannot trade with others).
  • Trade items
  • Survivors can trade items among themselves.
  • To do that, they must respect the price table below, where the value of an item is described in terms of points.
  • Both sides of the trade should offer the same amount of points. For example, 1 Water and 1 Medication (1 x 4 + 1 x 2) is worth 6 ammunition (6 x 1) or 2 Food items (2 x 3).
  • The trades themselves need not to be stored, but the items must be transferred from one user to the other.

    Item Points
    1 Water 4 points
    1 Food 3 points
    1 Medication 2 points
    1 Ammunition 1 point
  • Reports

  • Percentage of infected survivors.
  • Percentage of non-infected survivors.
  • Average amount of each kind of resource by survivor (e.g. 5 waters per user).
  • Points lost because of infected survivor.


First time

rails db:migrate
rails db:seed # Create default resources of survivor

How to run

rvm use ruby-2.3.0@zombie-survival --create
bundle install
rails db:seed
rails s -b $IP -p $PORT

Generate doc for swagger-ui

# it will generate files in public/swagger
rake swagger:docs

Use Swagger-UI to read the generate (e.g. http://localhost:3000/swagger/api-docs.json) files. Download it in