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The current Python avro package is packed with features but dog slow.

On a test case of about 10K records, it takes about 14sec to iterate over all of them. In comparison the JAVA avro SDK does it in about 1.9sec.

fastavro is less feature complete than avro, however it's much faster. It iterates over the same 10K records in 2.9sec, and if you use it with PyPy it'll do it in 1.5sec (to be fair, the JAVA benchmark is doing some extra JSON encoding/decoding).


from fastavro import iter_avro

with open('some-file.avro', 'rb') as fo:
    avro = iter_avro(fo)
    schema = avro.schema

    for record in avro:


  • Support only iteration
    • No writing for you!
  • Supports only null and deflate codecs
    • avro also supports snappy
  • No reader schema