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seameless is a TCP proxy that allow you to deploy new code then switch traffic to it without downtime.

It does "round robin" between the list of current active backends.

Switching server is done with HTTP interface with the following API:

set list of backends
add a backend
remove a backend
/get return host:port,host:port


  • Start seamleass with list of active backends:

    seamless 8080 localhost:4444
  • Direct all traffic to port 8080 on local machine.

  • When you need to add/remove the backend, use the HTTP API on port 6777 different port, say 4445):

    curl http://localhost:6777/add?backend=localhost:4445
    curl http://localhost:6777/remove?backend=localhost:4444


    curl http://localhost:6777/set?backends=localhost:4445

New traffic will be directed to new backend(s).


You can download a statically linked executable at the downloads section.

Or if you have a Go development environment, you can

go get


Miki Tebeka <> or here.