Toni Ruža avatar Toni Ruža committed 4ca74fd

Removed field_type column from the Changes table in the sqlite backend.

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     change_time INTEGER,
     entity_id INTEGER,
     field_name TEXT,
-    field_type TEXT,
     old_value BLOB,
     new_value BLOB
         last_change = self.get_last_change_uuid()
         for key, value in data.iteritems():
             new_change = uuid4().hex
-            if isinstance(value, int):
-                field_type = "int"
-            elif isinstance(value, float):
-                field_type = "real"
-            else:
-                field_type = "text"
-                field_type=field_type,


             entity, dict(hello="world"), "Entity has an unexpected value"
-        chages = list(self.roktar.get_changes(entity_id))
-        self.assertEqual(len(chages), 1, "Entity didn't remember it's changes")
+        changes = list(self.roktar.get_changes(entity_id))
+        self.assertEqual(len(changes), 1, "Entity didn't remember it's changes")
-        change = chages[0]
+        change = changes[0]
         change_uuid = UUID(change["change_uuid"])
         change_time = datetime.fromtimestamp(change["change_time"])
         self.assertEqual(change_uuid.version, 4)
         self.assertEqual(change["entity_id"], entity_id)
         self.assertEqual(change["field_name"], "hello")
-        self.assertEqual(change["field_type"], "text")
         self.assertEqual(loads(str(change["old_value"])), None)
         self.assertEqual(loads(str(change["new_value"])), "world")
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