Solder mask opening for vias for hole only

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Guan Yang
created an issue

(We've discussed this before. This is a clearer explanation of the issue.)

This is an array of thermal vias under the exposed pad of a QFN. They are 0.35mm drills, with width/height of 0.7mm. For one of them, I have checked the “stop” flag.

This causes an opening on the bottom for the entire 0.7mm diameter. In my experience, this is not standard: I want a hole in the solder mask so air can escape during reflow, but I don't want more than a negligible amount of exposed copper to avoid the risk of shorts, corrosion and other accidents.

Why don't I simply set width/height to 0.35mm? Because then DRC complains.

I see two solutions:

1) DRC option to ignore “annular ring” (or consider it simply an additional distance) for vias entirely enclosed by the same net (whether a pad or a polygon), or consider it an additional required spacing.

2) Have solder mask apertures for vias only apply to the drill. (I think this should be the default anyway.)

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  1. Razen repo owner

    Ok, so does it not make sense to have the stop mask be defined in terms of a dimension property. This lets you create all varieties of vias:

    • fully tented: stop = 0
    • thermal: stop = drill-diameter
    • as they are now: stop = via-diameter

    then default the stop diameter to the drill?

  2. Guan Yang reporter

    It makes sense. More than I need myself right now. Most of the time I am fine with fully tented, and I only worry when it's a thermal under an exposed pad.

  3. Razen repo owner

    Added via stoptop and stopbot dimension properties in v0.8.2 Route tool now has a "Via Mask" option to toggle between tented (default), hole, or open vias

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