Add stencil/soldermask offset parameters

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Allow configuration of scale and position of stencil & solder mask layers

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  1. Guan Yang

    Is there a separate issue for solder mask offset? Pad by pad, it should also be possible to make the solder mask slightly larger or slightly smaller.

  2. Razen reporter

    Updated this issue to include soldermasks. I'm still not sure of the best way to implement this. Eagle has a rather awkward system where you can either:

    • apply a global scale factor to the stencil/mask layer, or
    • disable the mask on a per pad basis and redraw a custom mask

    Neither is a great solution. What does Kicad do?

    I'm leaning towards just having transform matrixes (with editing UI) for both stencil and soldermask (on a per pad basis and possibly also at a global level)

  3. Guan Yang

    KiCad has relatively simple transforms (an expansion/contraction factor iirc) on a per-pad basis.

    Transform matrices sound like a good idea, especially if there's also a simple UI that allows me to do something simple like "expand solder mask 5%" or "contract 5%" (relative to the copper pad size).

  4. Guan Yang

    Is this reflected in gerbers yet? In this screenshot, left is Razen and right is gerbv. I've set stencilscale but it doesn't seem to appear in gerbers.

    I'm pretty sure I am running the gerber export plugin bundled with 0.9.3, after first deleting ~/.razen/plugin.


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