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I had problems everytime I update razen, I have to delete entire directory to make sure things work as expected. But that is problematic, because parts library I create are not being exported to mercurial repositor (arent they?). Also if files get broken, there is no easy backup or way to recover the project.

I have my library parts under razen/lib-usb-ic and mkaduk/xilinx somewhere under my ~/razen/... directory.

Would it be possible also to push edited parts ?

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  1. Razen repo owner

    Libraries should work after updating Razen. Can you describe what goes wrong after updating?

    Libraries are stored in mercurial repositories, and you should be able to push them to bitbucket. This will only work if you're the creator of the library. So for example you should be able to push mkaduk/xilinx to bitbucket (as long as you create a xilinx repository from the bitbucket interface). You won't be able to push to razen/lib-usb-ic as that's a repository I've created under my account.

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