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Hi, these days a lot of my datasheets of parts/pads are specified in metric units (like millimeters), I'd like to input them directly.

Ideally there would be a pref for default (inches - mm) and then when appending a unit in an input box (like 0.1 inch) it would convert to the default unit chosen, in this case (2.54mm).

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  1. Razen repo owner

    Wouldn't that be a bit confusing though? As in, I type '0.1in' into a property then it changes to '2.54mm' when I leave the box?

    What about having a dropdown menu on all dimension properties that let you choose the unit (where it defaults to the current grid units)?

  2. Razen repo owner

    I've added a grid unit switch keyboard shortcut (' key) in v0.9.2 which lets you quickly switch back and forth when editing properties. There's also a new preferences tab for default grid units.

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