Show DRC spacing around other traces while routing

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Guan Yang
created an issue

In the attached screenshot, I'm about to place a via. Am I allowed to place it right there? Probably not, but I'm not quite sure because I can't tell how close it is to the neighboring traces.

While routing, I would like the traces around my cursor (or all traces) to have an extra line/shading/indicator that reflects the DRC required spacing around the trace. That way, barring some edge cases where things just barely overlap, I would always know if I can place a via there.

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  1. Razen repo owner

    Yes, eventually I'd like real-time rule checking, but a live-DRC-spacing system would be a good intermediate step to that.

  2. Guan Yang reporter

    I believe that in KiCad (when I last used it) it would run the DRC algorithm only when you clicked to place a via, and prevent you from doing so, rather than have it running all the time.

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