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I copied over ~/.razen ~/razen and ~/.hgrc files to another computer.

I did a lot of work, and I realized that some pads for my OpAmp are incorrectly assigned. I remap them correctly, but I cannot see my custom part in parts dialog, and after editing part changes do not affect part in my layout (which is old with incorrect mappings).

Could you at least modify code, that if someone clicks edit part on the schematics that it actually affects that part ?

Or two options "Edit part" and "Edit as new" ?

My expectations were that if I click on the part, because I realized something is wrong, that it will automatically update that part in my schematics, that does not happen.

Can you also suggest how can I see my custom part in the parts dialog, without pulling from repo first which would overwrite my work ?

Thanks Mat

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  1. Razen repo owner

    Each part used in a design has a mercurial version associated with it when it's added to the project. Later modifications to the part are not automatically pulled into the design. This means that if you're using a 3rd party library and the library author changes a part, it won't break your design.

    As you said, often you do want to update the part, and this can be done via the toosl->project dependencies, then clicking "update all". It will then update all parts in your design to the latest versions.

    This definitely needs to be streamlined however, so doing what you suggested and automatically updating the current design after "edit part" probably makes sense.

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