Problem with sharing/modiyfing components with nested dependencies

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Mateusz created an issue


I want to make a component which re-uses other components. For example a shield, which is using headers. However, I want to modify headers to add proper names to schematics. This means that I would need to change 23x2 header which is in razen/lib-conn-header.

If I would want to share this project it would be incomplete, because I cant commit changes to those libraries. Moreover they're only local and alter header which I might want to use unmodified.

My proposed solution would be, to stop from referencing elements, once they're included in design, but make a copy of them for each project. This would allow storing modified standard components and also sharing modified version.


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  1. Anton Veretenenko

    Just hit myself with this, I had to change local razen/lib-rcl library for my needs. But after I updated razencad I can't load my project with modified parts anymore, lib has been replaced with stock one. I just get ?missing? text where parts was. And also after dependency update made I've got airwires everywhere were those components was, despite that fact that there are traces connecting those components already made. Voting.

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