save properties panel tabs width after restart

Issue #153 open
Anton Veretenenko
created an issue

would be nice to save properties panel/tabs width, now I need to adjust it on every start

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  1. Anton Veretenenko reporter

    This is somewhat half resolved :) Properties columns width are saved but itself properties panel width does not saved. Leading to scroll bar at program start which you can see on the screenshot. properties panel width.png

  2. Razen repo owner

    Hmm, strange, I can't seem to reproduce this behaviour. These are the steps I'm trying:

    • launch razen
    • drag splitter between main editor view and properties panel
    • close razen, then reopen

    For me it remembers it's position correctly.

    Can you confirm that ~/.razen/state is created and contains a state entry, followed by a list of numbers?

  3. Anton Veretenenko reporter

    Tried various things and found that fullscreen is a cause. I always work fullscreen. Launch razen, go fullscreen then close it. On the next launch panel width is reset. But everything works in window mode.

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