Crash when wiring pin containing dot in the name

Issue #156 resolved
Anton Veretenenko
created an issue

I have a part with pins named like "P1.0". Wiring this pin cause a crash.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "rzn/ui/", line 79, in paintGL
  File "rzn/core/", line 100, in on_draw
  File "rzn/core/", line 283, in on_draw
  File "rzn/obj/", line 78, in process_dirty
  File "rzn/obj/", line 44, in process_dirty_rats
  File "rzn/obj/", line 75, in refresh_rats_for_net
  File "rzn/obj/", line 82, in handle_changed_rat
  File "rzn/obj/", line 246, in ratChanged
  File "rzn/obj/", line 82, in make_obj
  File "rzn/obj/objs/", line 39, in _generate
  File "rzn/obj/objs/", line 40, in make_bb
TypeError: getpt() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given)

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