Crash when deleting route marked with DRC

Issue #32 resolved
created an issue

I selected object Trace spacing from DRC Resuts and press x to delete, program crashed.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "rzn/ui/", line 278, in <lambda>
  File "rzn/ui/", line 266, in tool
  File "rzn/", line 296, in on_change_tool
  File "rzn/", line 205, in on_change_tool
  File "rzn/tool/", line 190, in change_tool
  File "rzn/", line 32, in switchtool
  File "rzn/tool/", line 20, in enter
  File "rzn/obj/objs/", line 46, in delete
Exception: Object double-delete: <Trace #n2333 (591edd0)>

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