Missing board outline file in Gerber Export zip

Issue #33 resolved
created an issue

The outline file is missing (according to http://oshpark.com)

boardname.GKO Board Outline

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  1. Mateusz reporter

    Yes, when I generte zip file it does not contain file with extenssion GKO.
    OSHPark asks for it ? I am not sure if this is standard.

  2. Razen repo owner

    Hmm, strange, Razen should generate a <projectname>_Border.gko file in the zip. Do you have an outline drawn with lines/arcs in the border layer in your layout?

  3. Mateusz reporter

    Ok, it works, I was using wrong layer and wrong tool. Thanks for help. Maybe you can put it in documentation ?

    Problem is solved, and can be closed.

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