Crash when changing route size to 0.1 of all selected routes

Issue #37 duplicate
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Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "rzn/ui/", line 51, in paintGL
  File "rzn/", line 310, in on_draw
  File "rzn/", line 220, in on_draw
  File "rzn/obj/", line 65, in process_dirty
  File "rzn/obj/", line 70, in process_dirty_layout
  File "rzn/obj/", line 28, in change_lay_obj
  File "rzn/obj/conn/", line 123, in update_nets_with
  File "rzn/obj/objs/", line 59, in connectedObjs
  File "rzn/obj/objs/", line 92, in connectedObjs
  File "rzn/obj/", line 126, in findPoint
  File "rzn/obj/", line 122, in search_point
  File "rzn/obj/", line 117, in helper
  File "rzn/obj/", line 117, in helper
  File "rzn/obj/", line 113, in helper
RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object

Can you please also add a tool to select all routes ? or all objects of give type?

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  1. Razen repo owner

    Selecting a trace segment and right clicking will bring up a menu with the option to "Select Traces" which will select all traces on the same net.

    From the python prompt the following will select all traces in the design:

  2. Mateusz reporter

    Would it be possible to combine selection ?
    For example I would like to select two nets at once, for power lines, ground and vcc by keeping shift pressed.
    I can do that separetly, but just a thought.

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