Phantom rendering of symbols while adding

Issue #38 resolved
Guan Yang created an issue

I'm not sure exactly how to produce this, but it happens a lot. The "extra" symbol to the bottom right doesn't exist, I've checked. Everything is fine if I close the project and re-open.

Is there a way to trigger an immediate re-rendering to mitigate this?

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  1. Guan Yang reporter

    Yes, Mac version. It’s not selectable and I don’t think it’s really there, since it disappears after a restart. When I try to select, it selects the nearest symbol, in this case the “real” copy.

  2. Razen repo owner

    Try this next time it happens (replace schematic with layout if it's in the layout):

    [p.proj.schematic.draw_dirty(o) for o in p.proj.schematic.elements()]

    Also, are there any errors in the razen.log file?

  3. Razen repo owner

    That logfile looks out of date - it refers to "latest version 0.6.2"

    Is the entire application crashing now? Related to the phantom symbols?

  4. Razen repo owner

    Ah wait my mistake, looking at the wrong logfile. Ok that's a different issue. Can you do an "hg stat" in your project directory? Something is going wrong with the repo.

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