Add stencil support

Issue #48 resolved
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Support for solder paste stencils with similar behaviour to current stop layers:

  • StencilTop / StencilBottom layers
  • stencil (boolean) property in pads
  • support for stencil contraction/offset would be nice

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  1. Guan Yang

    I see that some stencil support has been added in 0.7.3. I also see that the stencil checkbox defaults to not checked. Does not checked mean it doesn't appear in stencil?

    By default, I think all SMD pads (with zero drills) should have stencil aperture. Through hole pads shouldn’t.

  2. Razen reporter

    Yea, you're right, that default is wrong.

    Fixed the behaviour as follows:

    • Pads have by default a stencil aperture
    • Pads created with the API or pad tool with non-zero drill have stencil disabled

    This does mean that parts made with earlier versions will potentially have incorrect stencils and will need to be updated and re-saved. I will also update the standard libraries.

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