Thermal relief for solderable SMD pads on same net as surrounding polygon

Issue #51 resolved
Guan Yang
created an issue

In the attached photo, you can see that the component has 3 pads that are GND, as is the surrounding polygon.

To be soldered correctly, these pads need to have a ring around them and only be connected to the polygon with a couple of spokes. In KiCad, which I am used to, the parameters of these spokes is defined as a property at the polygon level.

(In the screenshot I have also attempted, and failed, to create a thick trace for the antenna transmission line by using a polygon, instead of a trace where it's hard for me to control how the rounded ends are laid out. As you can see I have failed. Will play a little more to see if I have done anything wrong.)

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  1. Guan Yang reporter

    The rule should probably be that any pad that appears on the solder mask/stop, which will probably be soldered, should have thermal relief.

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