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Issue #61 resolved
Guan Yang
created an issue

When I search for something in schematic and layout with /, it's often hard to tell where the component is. It would be nice if it would center the view on the result, so when I am zoomed in, Razen immediately pans to the component.

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  1. Guan Yang reporter

    Sorry, mixing up two different issues.

    Yes, mouse wheel (two finger up or down on my trackpad) zooms at cursor, However, if the component I want to look at closely, for example to adjust the traces around it, is off to the left of the screen, when I zoom in, it's still off to the left. I'd like to center the view around that component. The arrow keys are sometimes helpful, but they are a little slow for this kind of panning. In this video, I'm pretending that I would like to adjust the traces around C9.

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