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Guan Yang
created an issue

I want to select a component, and I click, and command-click, and command-click, and dozens of clicks later, I have the right component. Even with airwires turned off.

If I click too fast, it misses the thing I wanted to select, and I have to start the cycle over.

I don't want to drag a rectangle and select because that often selects too much.

Possible solutions:

1) cmd-shift-click to go back selection sequence 2) KiCad-style: if you select a layer by clicking on it in the layer list, it will start with objects that are on that layer 3) Components have higher priority in the sequence

Comments (2)

  1. Guan Yang reporter

    Aaah I just realized that I can search for the component name and that selects it.

    Here's one more suggestion: when I click on a component name (label), that component gets higher priority in the cmd-click sequence.

  2. Razen repo owner

    Added a smarter (prioritised) nearest-selection to v0.7.7. It may still need some tweaking. Also added cmd-shift-click to cycle back in the selection sequence.

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