Weird/unintuitive snapping behavior

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Guan Yang
created an issue

I have 0.1mm grid set. The video shows an attempt to route a trace (which is actually a superfluous ground trace because there will be a ground plane here). My first attempt shows some weird snapping where it draws the trace too close to the highlighted pad.

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  1. Anonymous

    With version 0.7.7-r1541-lin64 I have also routing problem.

    First wire on schematics does not snap to the pad (hard to place it in the middle of the pad). Second, I cannot continue extending wire on schematics, and as far as I remember that was possible with previous version ? Now I can hardly place the wire in the right place to continue the route to next pad (for example routing common vcc to all fpga pads).

    I have also problems with selection. When I put routes under the chip (in schematics) the I cannot select them because chip gets selected. Selection tool on next select should select another object in the proximity, when one is selected.

    It's very hard to allign headers accuretly now. The steps I can move entire objects are small, and with mouse its hard to do that accuretly. It would be nice to have tool like in Inkscape (allign top, align to bottom, align to left, align to right, set equal average distance among selectd objects).

    But yes.. there is something wrong with the router again.

  2. Razen repo owner

    Hmm, ok, the route tool snapping currently uses a fixed minimum snap distance (0.5mm), which is obviously too big for work like this. I'll adjust it to take the current grid setting into account.

  3. Razen repo owner

    Mateusz, could you create a video with your schematic snapping issue? The schematic wire tool should snap to pins, but I find it easier just to set the grid to same value as the symbol pin spacing.

    For the selection tool, it now prioritises footprints over traces, but you should still be able to select traces with next-select (ctrl-click), or zooming in further and selecting the trace directly. If you preferred the previous selection behaviour you can disable the new prioritised select by setting:

    "priority_select": false,

    in your razen general.json config file.

    I'm not sure I understand the problem with aligning completely. Where are you trying to align the header to? As you described the inkscape tool, would you select many other footprints along with the header, then click a "align right" tool, and all the right side of those footprints would align to eachother?

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