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Paths (math conflated with rendering)

wbillingsley avatarwbillingsley created an issue

There's two aspects to working with paths and shapes -

  1. The maths -- does this geometric path intersect that geometric shape
  2. The rendering of paths and shapes as nodes in a scene graph

At the moment, in a JavaFX path, both appear to be bound up together (or am I reading the docs wrong?) It'd be rather nice if they weren't -- say for instance we wished to put an AI on a cloud headless server that would never initialise Prism and render the game, but that would nonetheless like to model paths and intersections to work out how best to get its troops into the right place.

It'd be nice if we could do that with the same shape math library -- the same math and API as JavaFX -- rather than using one geometry API for the model and a completely different one for the rendering, or making the AI dependent on initialising the UI.

I'm also likely to hit this issue with a similar task I've been planning to set for engineering students -- but it looks like it could be relevant for this game too.

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