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Game design for tower defense game

Jose Martinez
created an issue

This is a discussion on game design of the tower defense game. We can use this space to discuss what game design we would like to see and anything else concerning game design. I will take the action item of enumerating all agreed upon game design decisions and publish them to the wiki.

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  1. Daniel Zwolenski

    There are essentially two main flavours to the Tower Defender style game:

    1. The BadGuys travel freely across the map and the Towers act as blockers. The BadGuys adjust their route every time a new Tower is put in their path.

    2. The BadGuys travel a predefined path and Towers can only be placed off the path (and so no collision detection needed).

    See http://www.roundgames.com/onlinegame/Tower+Defense

    I was thinking we'd be making the first option (had kind of overlooked the second option).

    Looking at the second option it may actually be better for testing JFX Paths as the routes taken can be more complex, involving curves, etc. In the second option the BadGuy more or less needs to walk in a series of straight lines in order for the game play to be predictable.

    The second option is probably easier too as we can leave out collision detection and shortest path routing (not that either is particularly hard).

    At this stage option 2 would get my vote - anyone else got a preference or see any pros or cons?

  2. Jose Martinez reporter

    For research and fun I have played many many tower defense games. I think that the hands down most well rounded one of the bunch is Tower Defense for the ipad. The company that owns it, com2us, actually owns the trademark on the phrase "tower defense". Anyways I am going to push game designs in the direction of that game and steering away if opportunity for innovation surfaces.

    One of the cool things that Tower Defense has is a grid like interface. I am going to work on implementing it for our game. The way it works is that there is actually a grid that overlays the map. Everything is contained within pre-assigned cells in the grid. For example, the enemy path consists of a path of cells on the grid and the enemy stays within those cells. Levels come with predefined cells scattered throughout where the towers can be built. Other structures that are targetable and must be shot down (to get bonuses) or are just dumb obstacles are also contained within cells. Ass you move your mouse over the map the cells that you can interface with glow to let you know that a tower can be built there.

  3. Jose Martinez reporter

    Which platform should this game be built for? Should be for web to be played from a browser or for desktop? I prefer desktop as this allows us to test out our installers and make for a beefier game in terms of size. But that's just my opinion. Thoughts???

  4. Carl Dea

    I'm kinda new to tower defense, but I have watched my kids play it numerous times. It seems very similar to RTS type games. I think the balloon TD is the original, but I'm not sure. Speaking of game play I think your #2 option should be our initial one to go with.

    2) The BadGuys travel a predefined path and Towers can only be placed off the path (and so no collision detection needed).

    Any thoughts on Top or Isometric display?

  5. Jose Martinez reporter

    Hi Carl. Good to see you on here. I like isometric myself. Currently we added some animation and had to go with top down view because we are currently moving our Enemy nodes through a PathTransition and there is no feedback as to which direction the enemy is moving in.

    To do isometric we would have to move the unit in somewhat straight lines in one of the standard isometric directions then let the Enemy unit know what that direction is as it moves through the screen...... Or something like that.

    Top down does allow for sinusoidal movements though.

  6. Carl Dea

    Jose, I spoke too soon. I recently ran the game. Top View display it will be. Way to go guys!

    I hope I have some time to assist. I look forward to offering suggestions or game assets. Amazing how little code and it's already shaping up. Didn't know if we talked about a sound manager yet. (sound fx, music). Why do you need to know the direction the enemy is moving? AI?

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