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To help us narrow and define our scope when it comes to game design we decided to look at what other games are out there and maybe pick one or two that we will use to mimic or at least take ideas from. For those participating would you be able to post links to your favorite tower-d games that you would like to suggest? Also, speak up if there is one that you like from any that you see posted.

Many of these games are flash games and the graphics and game play might not be the best but are still fun. Some of the more serious ones are played from consoles or mobile devices.

Flash games:

Bloons TD5:

Vector TD:

Cursed Treasure:

mobile games:

Tower Defense:






If you take a look at the games you will notice a stark difference between the flash games and others as far as look and feel is concerned. I really do not know what that is. I think if we borrow from one of the flash games, it definitely does not mean that it will look and feel like one. Remember we want to show off JFX graphics capabilities with this project.

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  1. Paigan

    I just registered here to post this:

    I'd add Kingdom Rush and the very similar Incursion to the list of inspirational games.

    I liked Vector TD very much as it added interesting game mechanical features like compound interest effects and target AI priorities. Hehe I'm normally more the type of guy to say "game mechanics over nice graphics", but I think a JavaFX demo game should indeed lay the focus on graphics. This is where those two games shine (although they do that as well on the game mechanical level), so they are really worth (and fun btw! :D) to take a look at for inspiration.

    Oh and besides: I find this a very good idea. JavaFX needs some easy accessible application for demonstration purposes and a little "flash like" game is a very good approach to do this, I think. I'll follow this very curiously :).

  2. Jose Martinez reporter

    Art direction. I got some free credits from an artist to do some work for this. Any ideas on art direction... specifically what type of theme? I am leaning towards ambiguous space theme, like Vector TD. The new stuff I'm adding in is vector art, so the theme has to mesh well with it.

  3. Richard Bair repo owner

    Image based games will probably exhibit a much better performance right now (particularly on embedded). Vector based would be fantastic from the perspective of having something from which to drive optimizations. So it depends on what the goal is. You can implement the vector look using either images or vectors (although the "shots" are better as real vectors I would think). Blowing up vectors that represent different types of computer things (kind of tron-ish) would be cool.

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