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fx-games / Setup a development environment

Install the JDK

Download the latest version of the Java Development Kit (JDK) from:

Run the installation - this will include the installation for JavaFX. It can make life easier to install the JDK somewhere easy to remember and access from the command line (I use c:\apps\java).

Once installed, make sure you set your JAVA_HOME to point to the directory you installed Java in, and include JAVA_HOME/bin on your path.

Install Maven

Download the latest version of Maven from:

Unzip it to somewhere on your local machine that is easy to get to (I use c:\apps\maven). Maven is similar to ANT in that you just need to unzip it, you don't need to install it.

It is a good idea to set a system variable called M2_HOME and then add M2_HOME/bin to your system PATH.

Here is a video walk through for Windows: More details on installing Maven on Mac and Linux are here:

Get the code

This project is hosted on a Mecurial repository so you need to install a Mecurial tool for your system. Follow the _Mecurial_ steps on the BitBucket help page:

Once you have the Mecurial tool installed you can then 'clone' the code (i.e. download a local copy for editing).

On Windows, open Windows Explorer and browse to a suitable directory that you would like to use for your source code. Right-click on that folder and choose "TortoiseHG -> Clone". In the dialog that pops up enter the repository URL (copy it from the 'Overview' page of this BitBucket project).

On Mac and Linux use the following command line:

$ hg clone fx-games

Replace 'your-bitbucket-username' with the actual username that you use to login to BitBucket.

It helps to checkout the code to a directory that is easy to remember and access form the command line (I use c:\dev\fxexperience\fx-games).

For more info on using Mecurial see:

Setup your IDE

Choose your IDE to use with this project: