Issue #13 resolved

Tests fails on i386 (rbdl 2.0.0)

Thomas Moulard
created an issue

Hi Martin, apparently your test suite in failing on i386, apprently because of numerical imprecision.

Here is the output I have on Debian Sid i386:

./*/tests/runtests || true
/tmp/buildd/rbdl-2.0.0/tests/ error: Failure in ModelAppendFixedToFixedBody: Expected [ 1.06857 1.49714 0.468571 ] but was [ 1.06857 1.49714 0.468571 ]
FAILURE: 1 out of 127 tests failed (1 failures).

I did not check the source yet. What order of imprecision is allowed before your tests fail?

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  1. Thomas Moulard reporter

    On Fri, Aug 02, 2013 at 09:19:39AM -0000, Martin Felis wrote:

    Yes! It works now. I updated the Debian package. It should be ready for upload soon.

    -- Thomas

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