Tests fails on i386 (rbdl 2.0.0)

Issue #13 resolved
Thomas Moulard
created an issue

Hi Martin, apparently your test suite in failing on i386, apprently because of numerical imprecision.

Here is the output I have on Debian Sid i386:

./*/tests/runtests || true
/tmp/buildd/rbdl-2.0.0/tests/ModelTests.cc:487: error: Failure in ModelAppendFixedToFixedBody: Expected [ 1.06857 1.49714 0.468571 ] but was [ 1.06857 1.49714 0.468571 ]
FAILURE: 1 out of 127 tests failed (1 failures).

I did not check the source yet. What order of imprecision is allowed before your tests fail?

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