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 Elizabeth Million, <!-- version 1.00 -->
 Steve Canfield, <!-- version 1.30 -->
 Jinshil Yi, <!-- version 2.20 -->
-Cliff Berger, and Preston Van Buren. <!-- version 2.30 -->
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 <p>I have tried to be as original as possible in the organization and presentation of this beautiful subject.  However, I have been influenced by many years of teaching from another excellent textbook, <i>Introduction to Linear Algebra</i> by L.W. Johnson, R.D. Reiss and J.T. Arnold.  When I have needed inspiration for the correct approach to particularly important proofs, I have learned to eventually consult two other textbooks.  Sheldon Axler's <i>Linear Algebra Done Right</i> is a highly original exposition, while Ben Noble's <i>Applied Linear Algebra</i> frequently strikes just the right note between rigor and intuition.  Noble's excellent book is highly recommended, even though its publication dates to 1969.</p>