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 Rob Beezer
 Initiated: 2010/01/27
-Updated: 2010/02/07
+Updated: 2010/02/27
 This is a system for authors to convert a LaTeX document to a
 Sage worksheet, or a collection of linked Sage worksheets.
     hyperlinks between sections.  The output will be a tar archive,
     which is not supported by the notebook, so see the project wiki
     page for hints on how to deal with this archive.
+    (2010/02/24 Converting multiple sections to a tar archive is
+    most likely broken right now due to changes intended fro single
+    worksheet creation.  It will come back.)
 3.  Set your working directory to be where the output of tex4ht
     landed.  Make certain foo.css and foo.html are present.  It is
         $ chmod 770 /path/to/tex2sws.py
-    Run the script.  No arguments are needed, it will inspect your
-    working directory for the expected pieces
+    Run the script.  See below for arguments.  If your input files are
+    in the current directory, and are not mixed with another project,
+    then sensible results can be obtained with no arguments.
         $ /path/to/tex2sws.py
     Note: if you have the script in the same directory as your
     project files, run it with  ./tex2sws.py
+    Script arguments:
+    -h --help
+        Help similar to this section, but shorter.
+    -v --verbose
+        Print a summary of the conversion environment.
+    -i --input_directory
+        Directory containing CSS and HTML files.
+        If omitted: The current directory.
+    -b --basename
+        The leading portion of files produced by tex4ht,
+        for a project begun with  foo.tex  the basename is just  foo.
+        If omitted: Determined by a single CSS file in the input directory.
+        When there is no, or more than one, CSS file it is an error.
+    -o --outputfile
+        The name of the sws file to contain the compressed worksheet.
+        If omitted: An sws file in the input directory using the basename.