tex2sws / template.tex

%%              tex2sws                    %%
%% Defines the environments for sage code
%% Use the  worksheet  boolean to control
%% items like vertical spacing and margins
%% that vary between the printed page and
%% a web page
\ifx \HCode\UnDef \setboolean{worksheet}{false}
\else             \setboolean{worksheet}{true} \fi
%% Use this before any pgf/tikz packages are included
%% Use this if you have hyperlinks
%%  syntax package will display SAGE code inline (code not executed)
%%  Needs \% to effect a percent symbol
%%  sagetex package offers a \percent, which we might use if supported by tex4ht
%%  Needs \caret command (defined below) to effect SAGE exponentiation output
%%  It would be nice to accomplish all this with the sagetex package - just 
%%  inline pretty-printing of very small hunks of SAGE, with no evaluation

% For tikz graphics, with pdflatex or tex2sws

% For combinatorial graphs
% Seems to have some conflict with the syntax package
% So choose one or the other
% \usepackage{tkz-graph, tkz-berge}

Sage can compute some large numbers quickly, especially with the \sageinline{factorial()} function.