1. Robert Bergman
  2. node-p3-template



Superceded by node-feebs.

A Node.js (0.10.x) & Express 3.x application template for writing Atlassian P3 add-ons.

To get started:

  • Clone the project and rename the directory.
  • Edit package.json with details about your app.
  • Run npm install.
  • Edit ap3/atlassian-plugin.xml with the specifics for your application. Variables of the form "@var-name@" will automatically be filled in with app configuration values.
  • Run keygen.sh to create a PEM key pair in the ap3 directory, or place your own there manually.
  • With a local Atlassian JIRA or Confluence server running, use "node app" to start the add-on.
  • Export NODE_ENV=production before starting when running as a production server.
  • This app will use a local Redis service if available. Edit ap3/internal/store.js to configure Redis connection specifics, if needed.
  • ???
  • Profit!

Available environment variables:

  • NODE_ENV=development|production defaults to development
  • AP3_PUBLIC_KEY=<PEM public key> useful for production deployment
  • AP3_PRIVATE_KEY=<PEM private key> useful for production deployment
  • AP3_LOCAL_BASE_URL=<url> set the local url used in registration
  • AP3_HOST_BASE_URL=<url> set the auto-registration url of the remote for dev
  • AP3_HOST_ADMIN_USER=<username> used for auto-registering with a host for dev
  • AP3_HOST_ADMIN_PASS=<password> used for auto-registering with a host for dev


  • Make more aspects of the app configurable.
  • Doc the source.
  • Create npm libs and some sort of generator from the template.
  • Make it all suck less...