1. Bob Bergman
  2. p3-repo



This is an experimental installation and command execution system for the p3 plugin development tool.

For general Plugins 3 development, run the following command to install the p3 CLI tool:

curl https://bitbucket.org/rbergman/p3-repo/raw/master/bin/p3 | sh

If you already have the (Atlassian Plugin SDK)[https://developer.atlassian.com/display/DOCS/Atlassian+Plugin+SDK+Documentation], and its bin directory is installed on your path, then p3 will use the existing SDK. Otherwise, it will download and install the SDK for its own use in it's home directory (~/.p3).

If you're a developer working on the remotable-plugins itself, then you'll also want to export the RP_HOME environment variable to point to your local git repository directory for the remotable-plugins project. If you don't have RP_HOME set, then installation of the p3 scripts will also install its own working version of the remoteaps-plugin project in it's home directory.

(more docs to come)