Bitbucket Pull Requests

This extension adds a command that lets you start a pull request from the current branch into your repository's default branch.


Use the command palette (⇧⌘P) to start a pull request by selecting the "Bitbucket: Create pull request from current branch" command.

create a pr from vscode

Bitbucket server

Use the command palette (⇧⌘P) to configure your Bitbucket server a pull request by selecting the "Bitbucket: Set the Bitbucket Server URL" command.

set the URL

You can also update your workspace settings directly via the configuration UI:

set the URL via the settings


You must have git installed and it has to be on the $PATH

Your default browser must be able to reach or your bitbucket server instance.

Known Issues

If a browser is not available, the extension won't be able to start the pull request.

Please report any issues here.

Release Notes


Support for windows and linux


Support for Bitbucket server


Autodetect the repo based on the open file


Fix error message when there's no branch


Fix publishing metadata


Initial release with support for Bitbucket.

How to release

  1. Update version on package.json
  2. Tag commit with version
  3. vsce package
  4. vsce publish