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  2. vpa



The packages.vectorlinux.com API.


API description and entry points
GET /<release>

Return the available architechtures for <release>
GET /<release>/<arch>

Return the available repositories for the given platform
GET /<release>/<arch>/<repository>

Return all the available packages for the repository
GET /<release>/<arch>/<repository>/PACKAGES.TXT

Return package data in plain text format
GET /<release>/<arch>/<repository>/<category>/

Return available packages in the given category
GET /<release>/<arch>/<repository>/<category>/<package>

Return package data
POST /<release>/<arch>/<repository>/<category>/<package>
{ ... package data ... }

Create a new package
POST /<release>/<arch>/<repository>/<category>/<package>
{ ... package data ... }

Update package data
DELETE /<release>/<arch>/<repository>/<category>/<package>

Delete a package

The Package data type

A package object looks like this:

    "Arch": "i586",
    "Build": 3,
    "Description": "Document oriented database",
    "Category": "development",
    "Name": "CouchDB",
    "Repository": "extra",
    "Required": "erlang-otp >= R14, openssl",
    "Conflicts": "",
    "Suggests": "",
    "Release": "7.1",
    "Version": "1.3.0",
    "Filename": "CouchDB-1.3.0-i586-3vl71.txz",
    "Url":, "http://mirror.vl.com/extra/development/",
    "Md5": "2e1d0773931627e23809b1d0ba52035e",
    "SizeCompressed": 123KB,
    "SizeUncompressed": 1234KB