Remy Blank committed 35213d4

Install en_CH locale.

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 	for each in bin/*; do
 		dobin "${each}"
+	insinto /usr/share/i18n/locales
+	doins locales/en_CH
 	dodoc COPYING


-EBUILD CSpaceUtils-9999.ebuild 442 RMD160 e169dc80dd9ba0f46d8f232721ca796095a4089d SHA1 4c52551335422c476a223b7218e91a5fdc209508 SHA256 eb7e3ffc2bb8788dd48af60186f386df0adbf2a36d8e5638a39ff4eb1484af74
+EBUILD CSpaceUtils-9999.ebuild 496 RMD160 0865d5d9446b9922071408dcf10a10e427e0c4c0 SHA1 7f052820110d499e60da913db219c19e61dc0da0 SHA256 46fc2ce73c6d70089ae50325c3450556932aafeeac5bda0ea2c958510f19d7d8
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