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app-misc/ca-certificates is needed for installation.

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 AUX athome-ca.crt 1545 RMD160 9ce91c6c2dbe50aee4b4edbe4425bf324859be79 SHA1 239bbb52e8040eec3928dbf941e6130f9e96d8f9 SHA256 dd269ed4e52ecca66f568ca24865d29db79e8623d86d4af8fe467a76685c1960
-EBUILD c-space-certificates-1.ebuild 519 RMD160 2c42038c3c315b2868a420f271eda5a1d6cce935 SHA1 e3dde17c92ee27f004bf844f7bcaff1ff60afe63 SHA256 618ea71c6145567bfc6436f5bd6c1360d3eee39c700b2a62b5141b9e0bc0b668
+EBUILD c-space-certificates-1.ebuild 538 RMD160 d317fb89b899312c2d6224f0f1be54236e67e652 SHA1 03a46b368e800067d17d06bd3778c829a2c89a4a SHA256 b3e0cc6fd0c460e23ca7032c2ebe03807daf03b53775650222baf98072812623


 src_install() {
 	dodir /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/
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