Remy Blank  committed 959f2bf

Fixed compatibility with Mercurial 1.6.

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 def addRemove(svn, ui, repo, pool=None):
     """Add missing files to HG repository and remove deleted files."""
+    wctx = repo[None]
     # Remove entries that are in HG but not in SVN
-    repo.remove(repo[None].deleted())
+    wctx.remove(repo[None].deleted())
     # Add entries that are in SVN but not in HG
     paths = []
             if repo.dirstate[path] == "?":
     svn.status(repo.root, svn.revision(kind="working"), addEntry, pool=pool)
-    repo.add(paths)
+    wctx.add(paths)
     # Show modified entries
     if ui.verbose:
-        wctx = repo[None]
         paths = [(each, "M") for each in wctx.modified()]
         paths.extend((each, "A") for each in wctx.added())
         paths.extend((each, "R") for each in wctx.removed())