Project Description

A collection of code and libraries that provide extra classes and functions to supplement the BlackBerry API.

This is primarily various BlackBerry 10 classes and code. These are located in the folder BB10X.

There are two BlackBerry OS (pre-BlackBerry 10) projects. One is the original extensions that I created this repo for, the other was some PDF classes that some developers found useful and asked for.

Random info

Some background on this project: It started out as a "private" library for my personal projects. I realized some of the code could be useful to the community and wanted to make the project open-source. Unfortunetly I relized that I don't have a lot of documentation, the code is semi-function, some might not be legal, and other issues. So I started this library as a replacement for the old library and have designed it to be documented, organized, and (as) functional (as possible).

If you view some of my other projects you might notice some similar code. This is because my private library had many components, I changed and updated them when needed for those projects, and since they were documented, organized, and functional (the exact thing this library was made for) versions of the code from my private library I decided to bring it over to this library. Since this is just a general library it won't be worked on with the same intensity as the other projects and thus won't be "finished" for, well, probably ever.

If you want to contribute, go right ahead, this isn't some proprietary library that only I can work on.

Also a note about the naming of the namespace, when I started my private library a while ago, I thought "If I started a company, what would it be called?" Well I had been working on a bunch of ports, or remaking functions for other libraries and systems in my own style or in my own way, so I "called" the company Rebuild, since I was "rebuilding" a lot of apps and APIs. Enjoy (what's there).