Project Description

Render and view PDF files on BlackBerry using a modified version of Sun's PDF Renderer.

Modified version of Sun's PDF Renderer which can be located:


BBX has dropped support for Java, which makes this project pretty useless for it. I have been very busy with other work and have not put in the necessary time to work on this and get the graphics portion done and working. Though BBOS will be around for at least another year or two, this project is still relevant but there is no really purpose to me continuing development on it unless a from-scratch rewrite occurs to make this work on BBX and right now that is not feasible. For this reason, the project will probably remain in it's current state untill/unless I get to do more work on it and/or port it to BBX. Sorry for those who were really hoping for this project to be finished, but this is the expected result of a major change in direction on code development (as is the switch from BBOS to BBX) and takes time to work out unless you do this as a job, which is not what I am doing this as (it's a hobby for those who have read my description). -Rcmaniac25