1. Rodrigo di Lorenzo Lopes
  2. Image Analyzer



Image-Analyzer is a very simple straight ideia of how to extract images metainformation. Our initial goal is extract dominant color and "temperatures" from images.


Main ideias behind Image-Analyzer are explained on this article.


There's already an shell script to help you run this app.

usage: ./image-analyzer.sh [OPTIONS]
 -b,--block-size <SIZE>                 use SIZE blocks. (Default 1)
 -i,--input-file <INPUT_FILE>           use given file for analyze.
 -j,--join                              join colors using Pairwise
                                        Clustering Algorithm.
 -m,--max-cluster-distance <DISTANCE>   use DISTANCE to specify max
                                        cluster distance between colors
                                        clusters. (Default 12)
 -r,--result-file <RESULT_FILE>         the file which it will save the
                                        results. (Default result.html)


This project is using gradle. Get gradle and just execute:

gradle build