Romain Dorgueil's unix environment

This is not intended to be useable by anyone except me. If you find usefull stuff in there, pick everything, crush it, hack it, sell it, do whatever you want. It's even more free than free beer.

This repo is a shortcut for me to install my unix env on my different boxes. It should be at least useable on debian (etch/lenny/squeeze), ubuntu (lucid) and macosx (maybe requires some specific ports installed. macosx is not the platform I'm using the most).


  • make: will generate dynamic directories.
  • make install: will DESTROY your actual user's environment and put this one instead. You've been warned.


  • aliases contains a bunch of aliases I find handy having everywhere. Some can adapt to your current box by detecting whether or not something is installed (for example, don't really need my xen dom0 aliases on my laptop).